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An Open Letter To Women

To all the mothers, sisters, wives, single ladies, step-sisters, sister-in-laws, and female identifying beings. You are exactly who make the world go round.  You are brave. You are fierce.  Your intelligence knows no bounds.  You are the silent leaders of this world and you deserve so much more.  Know your worth and realize that you make an impact whether it’s recognized or not. 

You deserve more than a cheating partner.  You deserve to speak up for your needs when you’re expected to do all the things, while your male counterpart sits by idly. You are worth more than that person that touched you without your consent.  You are worth so much more than a government trying to control what happens with your body.  You are worth more than the patriarchy that tries to silence you.

Even with how far society has come, there are still some major undertones of female suppression lurking everywhere. We still have lower wages than our under-producing male counterparts.  We still have expectations from others to keep our heads down and stay silent.  We are still expected to fulfill our obligations at work, run all aspects of our household, volunteer at our kids’ schools, and do something “Pinterest worthy” every day. We are still expected to look a certain way to be considered beautiful.  We are expected to keep our opinions to ourselves if they aren’t blending with those around us.

This world needs your gifts.  This world  needs your heart and confidence.  It needs you to speak up and speak out.  You are powerful.  Your opinions matter.  You are so much more than those limits that society and those around you put on you.  You are beautiful.  You have every right to be loved in a way that makes you happy.  You are the reason things get done every single day.  Without you, this world has no light.

Speak up, speak out and know your value.  Know that you deserve more than those “friends” that only talk to you when they need something.  You deserve more than those people that ask you for “favors” all of the time because they know to take advantage of your people-pleasing nature.  YOU are the one who gets to decide what happens in your life. YOU get to decide what happens to YOUR body.  YOU get to make decisions for yourself.  YOU are the one who gets to influence our sons and daughters to know a women’s worth is well beyond what many in society would lead us to believe.

Sisters, know that I see you.  I value you.  I know you are worthy of so much more than you are getting right now.  You have dreams, hopes, ambitions, and goals.  But, you put others first because that’s what we are conditioned to do.  I want to give you permission to pursue those dreams.  You already do it all because you’re amazing.  Make sure you’re doing some of it for you.  Go after your goals.  Speak up when you see inequality.  Drop the partner that continually cheats on you or takes advantage of you and blames you for it; never look back.  Tell others your needs and how they can support you.  Don’t ask their permission.  Ask for their support.  Then shamelessly go after what you want in life whether you receive that support or not.  Open up your minds and know that there is always a way.  There are always options. You can always move forward and you most certainly have the creativity and intelligence to figure it all out.

You are loved.  You are valued.  You are enough.

Much love and female empowerment vibes,

Momma Caped Nerd ❤


What are some things that you’d want the women in your life to know?  Help out my readers and leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Women

  1. “You deserve more than a cheating partner.” Yes, yes we do, don’t we? I wonder how many women would want to know, though.


    1. That’s an interesting perspective. I suppose there’s some comfort in sticking with what you know. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. But growth never came without discomfort.


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