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5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

When I look back on my early motherhood, I mostly remember that time fondly.  However, I also realize that there are many things that I know now that I wish I would’ve known then.  So, I thought maybe I should write a blog post about it in hopes of helping some new mothers out there who may be frantically searching for any and all advice they can get like I was as a new mom.  I just didn’t want to mess anything up.  I am responsible for a human life now and that is a responsibility that I do NOT take lightly.  There were definitely beliefs that I had that I held onto for too long and it took away some of my joy in that first month of my son’s life.  Hopefully, I can help prevent that for others.

So, without any further introduction, here are my top 5 things that every new mom should know:

1. Fed is Best

Yup, I’m coming in hot here with a fairly controversial topic.  Many people tell you that breast is best and science does back that up.  However, not everyone is built to breastfeed and even if you are built for it, maybe you don’t want to do it for another reason. I was not built for breastfeeding and I spent much of my early days with my son in tears and feeling like a failure because of it.  As long as your baby is fed and thriving, how they receive their nourishment, be it breastmilk or formula doesn’t matter in the long run.  Babies can thrive on either one and hit their milestones just fine.

2. Everything Is A Phase

In early childhood, everything is a phase.  Just as soon as you think you got your kid’s needs figured out, they need something entirely new and different.  It gets a little frustrating, but you’ll get through it.  Just know that this is normal and we all experience this. You just need to roll with the punches and trust your instincts. On the bright side, this can be really reassuring during a particularly difficult phase.

3. Your Needs Are Still Important

We are taught to believe that our children’s needs should always be above our own.  While it is absolutely true that our children’s needs are a high priority, yours are too, Momma!  Make sure to get a break if you need a break.  Take a nap, drink some water, just take care of yourself for a bit.  It is so important that you keep your own cup full so you can overflow onto your family, not spill out to them until yours is empty.

4. The Old You Is Still In There

Before I started learning otherwise from some very smart mommas, I was legitimately under the belief that 100% of my life and focus was now to be on my child and family and I would just find myself again after my kid hits high school and wants some independence.  Just writing that out makes me want to facepalm.  You might get lost in motherhood for a bit, and that’s normal.  But remember that you are still your own person with your own needs and it’s OK to still pursue your dreams.  That journey just may look a little different since it involves a tiny human now.

5. You Know What’s Best For YOUR Family

There is tons of parenting advice all over the place.  New studies come out every week about what is best for this age or that.  Everyone has their opinions and studies to back them up for screen time, foods to feed, whether or not mom can work, daycare options, etc.  But you know what all these people don’t have?  They don’t have a deep understanding and knowledge of your family’s unique needs, situation, and circumstances.  So, while some advice and opinions can be helpful, you need to make sure you’re only taking what will apply to your family and what you can realistically accomplish.  It is far more important that your children feel loved and happy than that they get only organic homemade baby food and zero screen time.

There you have it, mommas.  These are my top 5 things that every new mom should know.  I hope these items can help you feel more confidence in your choices in early motherhood.  There are a lot to make and it can feel overwhelming and like you’re just swinging in the dark.  You’ve got this.  Mother’s intuition is a real thing. Trust yours and care that your kids have as good of a life as you can provide them, and you’re doing just fine.  You’ll be great!


Much love and productive vibes,

Momma Caped Nerd ❤


What are some things that you’d want every new mom to know?  Help out my readers and leave a comment below!

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