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15 Pieces of Gratitude

During the month of October, I’ve been participating in a self-care challenge.  The idea is to get 30 minutes of self-care in every day.  One of the suggestions for self-care was to do a gratitude journal.  I was challenged to write down 15 things that I’m grateful for in my life.  At first, I felt like 15 things was a lot to ask.  That’s a fairly long list.  I’m used to writing 3 items of gratitude in my daily journal.  But, I soldiered on.  It actually ended up taking me two sessions.  You know, toddlers wake up and life gets in the way of these types of things sometimes. But, I made it happen.  So, I decided to share my list with you all.  Here it goes:

1. My Family

This one might be an obvious one at the top of most people’s list.  But, a good family is certainly something to be grateful for.  I have the most wonderful and supportive husband who is so loving towards me every day.  My son is amazing and so good, innocent, curious, and sweet.  He’s also a bit mischievous, which is natural for a 16 month old. Even beyond my immediate family, I have an amazing network of parents, in-laws, aunts and cousins that light me up when I’m with them.

2. My Job

The income and benefits my job provides serves my family well.  If I have to be working right now, I’m glad it is where I’m at.  My co-workers are all amazing and like my second family.

3. My Mom and Sister

I know this one kind of ties into the family post, but I feel as though they needed their own line in my gratitude journal.  They’re always there for me even though I’ve been a total mess sometimes throughout my journey to adulthood.  I didn’t always make loving me easy, but they did it anyways.

4. My Home

It is not going to be our “forever home”.  It is not perfect and has a long way to go.  But, it is our first home.  It is the place our child came home from the hospital to.  It is where our friends helped us move to.  It keeps us warm in the winter and shielded from the sun in summer.  It serves my family for right now and it’s pretty darn cute too.

5. Water

I have been so blessed to live in and be born into a part of the world where clean water is very easy to come by.  It is relatively inexpensive and there seems like there is an endless supply.  Throughout my life, I have never had to worry about whether or not I could access clean water and that is such a blessing.  I’ve even had points in my life where I was picky about what clean water I wanted to drink.  I’ve become more aware of those who do not have regular access to clean water and how hard that must be for them.  Those people who have to walk miles just to get some clean water and lug it back to wherever they live.  That is not an easy hand to be dealt.  Those people in this world trying make those places better are incredible individuals that our world needs more of.

6. My Community

I’m in community with a lot of wonderful people. They keep me inspired to grow and keep growing every single day.

7. My Church

It has gone through some turbulent changes.  But, those that remain in the congregation are great people who care very deeply about keeping our church up and running. It is truly an uplifting place to be and going there can turn my bad week into a good one. I’m so thankful for my precious church on the hill.

8. TV Shows

Although I try not to watch them too much, they feel like a wonderful little treat.  It’s sort of an escape to another reality, which is fun now and then.

9. Little Moments In Life

All of the little moments in life that remind me how beautiful life is are so important.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day.  When those wonderful little moments happen that make you stop and realize the bigger picture, that’s where the magic is.

10. My Dog

My dog is literally the best dog ever.  Many of my friends will come over to see my dog.  I’m just a bonus.  She reminds me that the simple joys in life are all you really need.

11. My General Optimism

I certainly get down sometimes, but more often than not, I’m able to dream and remain optimistic about my future and the future of my family.  I know this doesn’t come easily to everyone, so I am grateful for this trait.

12. Podcasts and Blogs

I think podcasts have literally changed my life.  They started me on a road of personal development that has been absolutely amazing.  Blogs and podcasts are resources for an amazing wealth of information and I rely on them often to get through certain seasons in life, or build that thing, or organize better, well you get the point…

13. Coffee

I’m sure many other parents can relate to this one.  Coffee is life! It’s both comforting and energizing which makes it a great participant in my morning routine.

14. Changing Of Seasons

I happen to live in a place where we experience all four seasons.  I’ve lived in a place where the season doesn’t really seem to change and I missed the Midwest.  Something about the change in seasons feels like a new beginning.  It offers a new season in your life and a time to change anything you’re unhappy with.  While there’s no need to wait for a change in season to change your season, there is something symbolic about it that can help give us the extra nudge and encouragement to do so.

15. My Freedom

This is something that not all people get, but it is so precious.  I’m not bound by anything and if I decide to pursue something, I can do so freely.  I have full use of my body and mind.  I live in a country and area where I don’t have fear for my safety on a regular basis.  Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to have that.


These are the things that I’m most grateful for.  When I was challenged to write down 15 things, it forced me to notice things that I may not have otherwise noticed I should be grateful for.  Next time, I might have to try 30, or 50, or even 100!

What would be in your gratitude journal?  I challenge you to write down 15 things you are grateful for.  Then, see how much better your mood is.

Much love and productive vibes,

Momma Caped Nerd ❤


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